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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RC Helicopter more than real experience

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RC Helicopter With these reasons you can draw a conclusion that those who buy electric RC Helicopter want convenience more than real experience. Gas RC Helicopter is also much expensive than the electric. And because of these factors serious RC Helicopter pilots consider gas RC Helicopter as their primary choice. In terms if RC Helicopter sizes - here you can trim down your choices into gas electric mini micro and toy.

There are those who prefer to build model RC Helicopter by themselves to add to their ever-growing collection. See Mini RC Helicopter RC planes do not sit still and move backwards or sideways on you and RC Helicopter are much less forgiving of mistakes that on an airplane could be fixed simply by pulling up and adding throttle- thus flying a RC Helicopter is much more rewarding!. There is no greater feeling than flying on your own RC Helicopter. And this is totally possible wit a homebuilt helicopter. It is safe exciting full of thrill and most of all it is for everyone!.

Do RC Helicopters run on gas? Not so much gasoline as RC Helicopters do on a liquid fuel made of alcohol and nitro methane. They do make r/c RC Helicopter engines that run on regular gasoline but they're not as common due to their increased cost weight and lower power output. If you descend to quickly you will enter your own down wash and the RC Helicopter will pull itself into the ground and need considerable collective to compensate. This is a bad condition. See All about RC Helicopters at http://www.rchelicopterguide.info. Flight Sims: Will enable you to get going with FREE flight sims or commercial flight sims and controllers ranging from 19.99 - 129.99 these flight simulators can save you a fortune and some of them must be seen on 48" plasmas!.

RC Helicopter simulators fun too. I like to push it to the limits and do all sorts of weird things I would never do for real. Turning your RC into a silhouette is supposed to disorient you because it will be hard to tell if the helicopter is banking away or towards you etc. This happens in real life so you should practice for it. Ok.

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