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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Marketing Company for Selling Plants

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Today many farmers and nursery in Indonesia find difficulty to sell their plants and flowers. I don’t know is it happening in your country too or not. In Indonesia, after anthurium become very popular for almost 2 years and many people buy those plants, and suddenly the price drop so fast. Now they lost their enthusiasm to buy new plant.

Some farmers and nursery try to promote sansevieria plant as new “star” to replace anthurium that become cheap. But only collectors are willing to buy. Because they already love this plant that before.
In this situation, many farmers and nursery hard to be exist. Many farmers try to find another job to keep their living.

What I tell above is really happen, and commonly for small nursery and farmers who only have little money or budget. How about the big nursery? They still survive and won’t give up with this situation. They make exhibition and promote their plants there. Sometime they succeed, sometime not.
Maybe they need marketing company for selling plants. Because Marketing Company have experience to promote products. They can promote in many way like promote plants online and other method. I hope many people are willing to buy plants and flowers again like before.

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