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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kind Of Adenium

Agen Biang Parfum Jakarta
Adenium Arabicum with multi branches

This is picture of Adenium Arabicum.This arabicum has many branches. This picture has taken at Giant Hypermarket on December 2007. Click read more for bigger picture of Adenium Arabicum with multi branches.If you have good adenium picture, don't hesitate. Just send your picture.

Adenium Bonsai

Beautiful pictures of bonsai adenium.The owner is Mr. Jai Krishna AgarwalLucknow, India. He has about 100 specimens in his collection.He loves adenium very much. To him, adenium is like a living sculpture and I shape them like one. He likes to share information with people who have similar interest. You contact him here: jaikrishnaagarwal@gmail.com

Adenium magic green dragon and sunshine
Adenium grafting flat technique
Bonsai style

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