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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RC Planes Can Give You Hours of Fun and Easy To Fly

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Building and flying Rc planes is now a very popular pass time and its not a hobby that you need an instructor to teach you how to fly Rc airplanes. All you need to do is choose the right airplane and there are plenty of true "beginner" airplanes, and just take to the skies and it will be like riding a bike only not on the floor but in the sky!

A beginning model flyer should always be on the cheaper side; you can go for a better one when you get more experienced. The Soarstar is a good, all-around RC Plane to start your training with. It is very stable and made out of foam, and is quite easy to repair with glue, if it gets damaged. It has a pusher prop setup; which protects the prop from damage during hard landings. Also the Northeast Sailplane Husky has a fair amount of dihedral, and is a good trainer Aircraft.

What Types of Rc Airplane Are Available?

- Electric Rc Planes provide you with the easiest and quickest way to get started, their affordable prices and availability make them a great attraction for any budding pilot who doesn't want to break the bank.

- Gas RC planes give you more of a thrill than electric planes, and can achieve great speeds in the air, although they need to be taken a bit more seriously.

- Mini RC planes are a great thought for indoor flying enthusiasts using normal indoor model planes, different kits modify them to use micro servos, receivers, battery packs and motors.

- Micro RC planes are starting to appear in a lot of hobby stores, the reason is that radio control components are becoming smaller, lighter and cheaper to produce.

Here is a list of some of the more popular RC airplanes available from beginner planes to more advanced planes.
Micro Flyer Wattage Indoor Mini RC Electric Airplane

At the moment this is the world's smallest mass-produced radio controlled aircraft! With a wing span of only 9 inches and an elliptically curved polyhedral and molded-in airfoil this petite plane has unbelievable maneuverability. The two-channel radio transmitter controls the rudder movement, throttle, and also doubles up as a battery charger. The Micro Flyer can fly for over 6 minutes on a single charge and you can fly this plane indoors or outdoors. Boasting a length of 8.2 inches, and a weight of only about 1 ounce (29 grams) this remarkable, real radio controlled aircraft will bring you hours of flying fun and can fly almost anywhere with over 150 ft range.. This innovative design makes it great for beginners and hobbyist alike and with a few easy steps to get this Micro Flyer in the air!
RC Aerial Eagle B-52 Electric 2ch RTF Airplane 757-B52

This is a Ready to Fly Plane with twin electric motors(4 motors total) allowing learning to fly very easy and fun. Everything you need to get this plane is included apart from batteries. This is a great plane for all including the first time flyer. It comes with a rechargeable battery.
X UFO RC Flying Toy

The X UFO is one of the hottest and most distinctive flying objects available at this present time. The X UFO includes the latest minuscule technology, which comes with a matchless electronic control system. It uses powerful electric motors with two pairs of counter-rotating propellers and an inventive gyro for unbelievable stability. Made of ultra lightweight carbon fiber and EPP foam, it can fly up to 300 feet indoors or outside. The X-UFO features a 4 channel proportional radio control, and with the Digital 4 CH Radio you can control all aspects of flight, throttle, pitch, roll, and yaw! It also has an impressive radio range of over 300 feet which means you can fly outdoors on calm days up to the limits of clear visiblity.
Cessna 182 Scale RTF 4 CH RC Electric AirPlane

The Cessna 182 RTF 4 by ParkFlyers is a true scale ready to fly 4 channel R/C aircraft. Eye-catching looks make this super realistic in the air. This impressive aircraft is super stable and capable of maintaining flight at super slow speeds that allow novice to master flight mechanics with ease. As the beginner flyer learns he can push the Cessna 182 to faster speeds of up to 50 mph! It can also easily take off from any smooth surface on its scale landing gear. Made from a high strength styro-foam for added toughness. Powered by a high torque 480 7.2 v electric motor and a 8.4 volt 1000 nihm battery pack that can provide up to 18 minutes flight between each charge with a range of about 2500ft. A quick charger is available to fully charge the battery in only 4 hours. You get a 3 Channel FM Radio, Battery, Charger, Spare Propeller, Motor all included and pre installed. The three channel gives you control of Rudder, Elevator, Throttle and Ailerons. Only 8 AA batteries for transmitters are needed.

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